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Iraq Hackathon was 52 hours event, and it is founded and organized by Plus the Edge Company for Business and Technology consultancy. Iraq Hackathon gathered all the creative individuals all over Iraq and gave them the opportunity to show up their ideas and got supports. It is where creative designers, coders, and web developers came together to bring an innovative idea to the country and solve a problem.

Iraq Hackathon was online hackathon where Plus the Edge used all of its resources to make this online hackathon happen. Plus the Edge used the official license of Adobe Connect which was used to do virtual meeting, training, and webinars.

Iraq Hackathon provides 10 mentors for the ten shortlisted teams. The task of the mentors to guide the teams through technical details of business and technology to prepare their first pitch. Merriam Allami, who is an advisor at GIZ Iraq, was one of the mentors. Merriam eagerly helped help all the teams to imperfect their pitching skills.

It is worth mentioning that the mentorship process was done through a custom web application developed entirely by Plus the Edge team. The platform provided with credentials for all participants and mentors to login into the system. Participants could schedule meetings with their desired mentors. Also, the mentors could identify the time block that they were reserved. The platform was built with REST API architecture with ASP Core and SQL Server backed RDBMS with VUE JS framework in its front stack. With the facilitation that was provided by the platform, all the mentorship process went very smoothly and successfully.

Furthermore, the entire process of digital marketing of the event was managed by Marketing team at Plus the Edge

Regarding her experience during the entire hackathon experience, Merriam Allami, Adviser at GIZ Iraq says,

Honestly, you guys are very well organized, I was thinking of always recommending Plus the Edge for online events at GIZ! I loved how everyone is so organized on top of everything and following every little detail.